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Viscose Yarn

Extremely soft and silky in feel, it’s more hydroscopic. Can take dyes readily, making it very color-fast maintaining its vibrant colour/s longer than cotton and unlike polyester is breathable making it ideal for clothing.

Tensil typically refers to the strength and elongation properties of the material. Elements carrying only tension and no compression or bending.

Cotton Yarn

An exclusive, soft and strong through a highly developed combed yarn manufacturing process. Specially perfect due to its soft effect properties.

Produced by compact spinning rather than traditional ring spun yarns, compact yarn is a revolution in spinning the yarn.

Not only the color brighter, but also keeps the colors bright and unchanged over time.

Synthetic Yarn

Made by spinning 100% polyester fibres into yarns. These yarns are then taken and made into thread which consists of two or three ply constructions.

A semi-synthetic fibre made from a compound known as cellulose – a plant-based material. Like Polyester, it also comes in long smooth filament fibres, but that is where the similarities end.

It’s just what the name suggests: a fabric that is made up of cotton and polyester fibers. The ratio varies, with 65% cotton and 35% polyester being the most common.

Natural Yarn

Made by using top notch strands of material, it makes sure the solid sparkle and rich look of the completed items.

Also termed as soy wool. The fibre is used in car upholstery and a cheaply available man-made fibre too.

Eco-friendly nature which gives the user with multiple benefits. The viscose which is derived from the bamboo cellulose, have a greater advantage over the wood-pulp viscose.

Spandex Yarn

Comfortable to wear and can modify their elasticity to fit different end-products. These yarns can be used to produce fabrics of varying styles, hands and functions, and can be designed for woven as well as knitted fabrics according to their properties.

Suited for a number of properties such as low weight, high tensile, elasticity and resistance against mildew as well as other effects of water.

Rayon and Acetate Yarn

A versatile fibre and is widely claimed to have the same comfort properties as natural fibres, although the drape and slipperiness of rayon textiles are often more like nylon. It can imitate the feel and texture of silk, wool, cotton and linen.

Zero Twist Yarn

Blended with many other yarns, such as cotton yarn, bamboo yarn, modal yarn, woollen etc, widely used in making Socks, Towels, making lace, embroidery and high grade garments.

Not twisted before they are woven, but are instead put into a synthetic casing that dissolves when the yarn is dyed.

Acrylic Yarn, Poly Wool Yarn

Acrylic yarn is a man-made fibre, formed of polymers created from petroleum products i.e. crude oil.

A blend of polyester and wool. A wide range of variety of Poly-Wool Yarn is offered as per the specific needs. Our Poly-Wool Yarn is high in terms of quality as well as durability, elasticity, color fastness.

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